Supporter Updates

Lake Aurora is committed to excellence and is continually investing in its staff, programs and facility to offer the best in the camping industry with a mindset to serve as Christ and His children.

When God is your partner, make your plans BIG.


Primary, intermediate, future... All goals that we have in place waiting upon the Lord.

A rainbow over the lake, reminding us of God's promises

We are ready to move on with these projects when God’s provision is available. We continue to trust God and His timing in accomplishing these goals. If someone, some organization, or some grant, were to ask... “If we provided you with X amount of dollars, what would you do with it?” We have an answer ready!

Our priorities regarding big projects are currently in this order:

While these are large capital projects, there are still many smaller projects on our radar that we have ready and waiting to be started, including but not limited to:

God is in control, He owns the ‘cattle on a thousand hills’ and He will provide through His people at the right time. A lesson in timing...